Name Your Porsche does not use a standard font (typeface) for the development of your exclusive type marking. Our designer will set to work for each new order to create the most beautiful and suitable design for your personal text. Every product has its own unique and customised design.


Subsequently, the name or text ordered by you is cut from a solid piece of high-quality aluminium in our workshop. The text is not made up from single letters, but is cut as a whole. This is a traditional process, carried out by craftsmen.


All the curves that make the typeface so special are rounded by hand. Your name or text is then carefully smoothened and varnished three times or, if you so desire, chromium or gold-plated. This represents proper handwork. At this stage the result is already looking great!

Step 1: Design

Step 2: Cutting

Step 3: Filing

Step 4: Varnishing

Step 5: Attaching


To the back of the text a high-quality bonding material of 3M is applied. This is the same quality used by leading car manufacturers for attaching type markings on their cars. Provided it is applied correctly, you can rest assured that the text or name will never come off. High speeds, high temperatures, in the carwash or a high-pressure cleaner: it is not a problem, the type marking of Porsche is designed to withstand these conditions.


A personal mark on your Porsche can be less attractive or exclusive for potential buyers. No problem: remove your own text in the same manner as the original type marking, which you can then place back again (or you can have this done).