Ordering a personal name or text for your Porsche is very easy. Enter the name or text on this website. Indicate the colour you wish to have this finished in. You can also opt for chromium or gold-plated. After having completed your details the amount of your order, including delivery costs, will be automatically shown.

Payment is automated, once you instruct your credit card company to make payment. Once payment has cleared, the team of Name Your Porsche will set to work. We aim to dispatch orders within thirty days.


The starting rate for an exclusive nameplate for your Porsche, including the first 5 letters, is € 595. Every additional letter on top of that costs € 75. The default colour in which your order is delivered is grey or black, the basic colours used by Porsche themselves. The additional costs for a personal colour (other than grey or black), e.g. the colour of your Porsche, are € 95. The additional price for chromium or gold-plating is € 150. Rates are inclusive of 21% VAT, unless specified otherwise.


By credit card or PayPal.

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