About us

Name Your Porsche is made possible by a small team, each with their own expertise in design, production, and marketing. What we have in common is a love of Porsche and quality.

Our craftsmanship

Each order placed with Name Your Porsche is individually designed. We do not use design software that lets us simply input the desired text and then generates the design, because every letter connects to every other possible letter in a unique way, together forming a text in the Porsche font. The links between the letters vary endlessly. It is up to our designers to create a seamless piece that captures the Porsche look and feel at a glance. Each order we produce is a unique and bespoke design.

3D printing

High Tech Process

We work with state-of-the-art printers that convert the design of your text into a 3D synthetic version with incredible precision to ensure exactly the right size and shape, corresponding to the letters used by Porsche for their model designations.

Text design

Not your standard font

Name Your Porsche does not use a standard font to develop your exclusive text. Our designer develops a unique customised design for every order. A design that perfectly echoes the letters and numbers used by Porsche. The connections between the letters are also designed with extreme precision. This is essential to ensuring that the text meets the quality standard befitting a Porsche.

Custom painting

Exact Porsche colors

By default, Porsche uses Grey, Black (matt and glossy), Chrome and, upon request, the body color for the model designations on its various models. Name Your Porsche matches its colors accordingly. The order form on this website will ask the desired color. Chrome is not included in the options in the form, but is available for an additional surcharge. Please send your request to Britt@nameyourporsche.com

3M tape used by the automotive industry

Applying adhesive tape

We use the same quality adhesive tape as leading car manufacturers (3M), meticulously applied and resistant to high speeds, high temperatures, use of the car wash and pressure washers.

Reliable delivery

Global shipping

We ship our products worldwide via our partner UPS. They ensure that your order is delivered quickly and correctly.

Application and removal

Application on your Porsche

The original model designation can easily be removed using the heat of a hairdryer. Mark out the desired position on the bonnet or boot with removable tape. Take into account both the height and whether the text is centered. Of course, you can also ask your Porsche dealer to apply the text. Dealers are equipped with templates for positioning, removable tape, and alcohol for cleaning.


The starting rate for an exclusive text for your Porsche is €595, for a maximum of 5 letters. We charge € 75 for each additional letter. The standard colors are the base colors used by Porsche: grey or black (glossy or matt). For a personalised color (other than grey or black), such as if you want to match the color of your Porsche, an additional one-off charge of €125 applies. If you would the text to be in chrome, send an email to info@nameyourporsche.com. Rates include 21% VAT.


Ordering a personalised name or text for your Porsche couldn't be easier. Simply enter the name or text in the Order field. Indicate the color you would like your text to be finished in. Once you enter your details, the total amount of your order, including shipping costs, is generated automatically. All you need to do is grant your bank or credit card company permission to process the payment. The moment the payment has been processed, the Name Your Porsche team will get to work and send you confirmation that we’ve started working on your personalized order. We aim to dispatch orders within thirty days.

Our team

Han van den Eijnden

Han has been a Porsche enthusiast since his childhood. He is the creator and entrepreneur behind Name Your Porsche, and was the first 911 driver in the world with personalised text on the bonnet. Name Your Porsche has been noticed by the international press as a gadget that adds value to the appearance of your Porsche, being a vehicle of unsurpassed class. Han is the one who is personally responsible for your order.

Jeroen Simons

Jeroen combines the best of both worlds: engineering and design. Thanks to his love of typography and knowledge of 3D printing, he was able to develop the unique process that Name Your Porsche uses to craft its premium-quality product. Most of the process is done manually, and Jeroen oversees the finished quality of design and printing.

Britt Theunissen van Manen

All marketing for Name Your Porsche is in Britt's capable hands. She is also responsible for all communication regarding Name Your Porsche. For more information regarding a collaboration or promotion with Name Your Porsche, you can get in touch with Britt via Britt@nameyourporsche.com. We are always thrilled to receive photos of your Porsche with our personalized lettering!