Frequently asked questions

Can I apply the text myself?

You can apply your order to your Porsche yourself. The back of the text features high-quality tape that has been tested and approved by the automotive industry. Your order includes simple instructions for applying the text yourself. You can also have your Porsche dealer do it instead. The dealer will use cleaning alcohol to permanently remove any glue residue from the current model designation. They can also accurately determine the correct position of the text using the moulds they have at their disposal.

Is the text weatherproof?

Absolutely! Like any model designation on any Porsche, Name Your Porsche's lettering can withstand high engine temperatures as well as adverse weather conditions. Just like the original model designation, a special tape is applied to the back of your personalised text, which will ensure that the text can brave all weather conditions.

Where can I find the color code to order personalized text in the exact shade of my Porsche?

You can find the original color of your Porsche in the car documents, next to the chassis number. If you provide us with the code when you order, we will ensure that your order is produced in that exact color.

Can I also order a text that features both letters and numbers, such as 'Max 3'? Or only numbers?

Numbers and combinations with numbers are certainly possible. Other Porsche drivers have ordered combinations including 'Julian 2', '911 XX', '123 GO' and 'Too fast 4U'. Evidently, spaces are also no problem.

How do I mount the text in exactly the right position?

The position of the text you put on your Porsche must of course be exactly the same as that of the original model designation. You can mark out the desired position on the bonnet or boot using removable tape. Take into account both the height and whether the text is centered. Of course, you can also ask your Porsche dealer to apply the text. Dealers are equipped with templates for positioning, removable tape, and alcohol for cleaning.

Is your question not covered here?

Get in touch with us via email!

Is the text easily removable, such as if I want to sell my car?

Yes. All Name Your Porsche names or texts can be removed quickly and easily, the same as the original model designation. This is done by applying heat, which loosens the mounting tape. A hairdryer (blow dryer) is a commonly used device for this purpose. Contact your Porsche dealer for assistance.

Can I wash my Porsche in a car wash or use a pressure washer?

You certainly can. The adhesive tape used to attach your personalised text will not detach. The automotive industry uses this tape (manufactured by 3M) as a standard for attaching model designations. You can therefore clean your car with a pressure washer without any problems. Taking your car through a car wash, which uses high pressure, hard bristles and hot air for drying, is also fine. The tape is designed to withstand all of this.

Why do you need to know the year of manufacture of my Porsche?

Porsche occasionally makes minor adjustments to its model designations. The font is made slightly larger, or smaller, or given a slightly different shape. Sometimes more angular, sometimes more rounded. Name Your Porsche knows exactly which font and size correspond to your Porsche model and its year of manufacture. For us, this serves as the foundation for designing your order.

Can I preview my text on the website?

No, this is not possible. Each text is customised by our designers. The text does not consist of individual letters that can be automatically generated on a website, but is designed and printed as a whole. The design process is part of what makes our product so valuable and exclusive, in addition to the 3-D printing and matching the desired color. This is how we guarantee the highest possible quality, while preserving the exclusivity of each product.

What if I sell the car and the text needs to be removed?

Every text ordered from us is equipped with professional-grade tape. This makes both application and removal exceptionally easy. Just heat the adhesive with a hairdryer, close to the surface, and the text will release.